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  • The Great Flamarion

    The Great Flamarion


    In Mexico City, 1936, a performance is taking place on stage and going well. But suddenly, shots are heard. Police discover the body of a woman, but she wasn't shot; she was strangled. A performer stays behind after everyone else has gone and hears a thud. It was caused by a man known as The Great Flamarion (Erich von Stroheim), a trick shot artist who hid in the rafters after having been shot by the woman they found—whom he'd strangled—with…

  • Star Trek: Renegades

    Star Trek: Renegades


    When planets begin disappearing, Admiral Pavel Chekov (Walter Koenig) and Tuvok (Tim Russ) enlist a group of rogues (or should I say renegades?) to covertly find out why it's happening.

    Something like that... To be honest, I found the storyline, characters, and their motivations a little vague. There are little things that I feel weren't fleshed out enough. It's like being thrown in a few episodes into a series; you can piece things together, but you feel like you've missed…

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  • Star Trek: Insurrection

    Star Trek: Insurrection


    A species called the Son'a suffers from a condition that is slowly breaking down their bodies. (think Vidiians, but not as gross) Meanwhile, the Ba'ku live on a planet that regenerates them constantly, giving them unnaturally long, healthy lives. The Son'a plan to take over the planet and, surprisingly, is in cahoots with the Federation to forcibly relocate the Ba'ku! The Prime Directive seems to have gone out the window, and the crew of the Enterprise isn't having it.


  • The Well

    The Well


    While walking across a field on her way to school, a little black girl falls down a long-abandoned well. When the school tells her parents she didn't show up, a search is started by Sheriff Kellog (Richard Rober) and his team. They find out that a stranger in town, a white man named Claude (Harry Morgan), had spoken to her that morning, and they assume he's the reason why she's missing. He insists he just stopped in town briefly to…