The Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark ★★★★

Not as important or unique as The Sopranos but one of the best mob flicks in recent memory and an all around good time. Wasn't really what I expected and I'm thankful for that! It's pretty funny and the lightning pace compliments the exaggerated aesthetics. Solid direction, fun performances, slick photography and a perfect ending more than justify this film's existence in my eyes.

Definitely don't watch until you've seen the entirety of the original series as the voiceover by Christopher has some hefty spoilers. Kinda hated his inclusion at the start but I'm impressed by how well the VO paid off.

I would watch a few more of these, so long as Chase stays involved. Another show seems unnecessary but a Michael Gandolfini trilogy could be fun. He doesn't really get that much to do in The Many Saints of Newark but he has real potential as an actor. I'd love to see his relationship with Tony B fleshed out, any casting ideas for a young Steve Buscemi?

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