Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

This is an enjoyable Spider-Man movie and the perfect sequel to Homecoming (and of course, Infinity War and Endgame). One of the tests was whether the movie could stand alone. My wife is not into superhero movies and largely unaware of the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has not seen an Avengers movie, and she had no prior knowledge of the "blip". The movie does some funny exposition to fill out the gap and then it focuses on its own story and its own characters.

(When the new character Beck appears onscreen, my wife asked if this was Thor. Gyllenhaal does appear as if he's been flying around zapping monsters forever. And I guess that's the point.)

Peter is back from space. Aunt May is back. Happy is back. Nick Fury and his assistant from "How I Met Your Mother" (which will always be how I see Maria Hill) join the fun, and Jake Gyllenhaal is really great. Zendaya is likable as MJ (apparently it's not Mary-Jane) and more convincing than the GF in the first movie. Despite all these great characters, the plot doesn't really stand up under scrutiny, but to avoid spoilers, I won't go into this. It doesn't matter much.

One scene in particular challenges the senses and is enjoyably disorienting, unlike anything I've seen in other Marvel movies. Great fun, so thanks Marvel. Worth the ticket.

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