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  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    "Hey, you’re Rick fucking Dalton. Don’t you forget it."

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has been one of the most hyped up movies all year. When I hear that the great Quentin Tarantino is making a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt as the leads, I was overjoyed. What we ended up receiving is sort of a mixed bag.
    I LOVED how Tarantino presented the final moments Hollywood's Golden Age back in 1969. It's real, atmospheric and oh…

  • Blindspotting



    "I am both pictures. See both pictures."

    Blindspotting is consistently tense, thought-provoking and genuinely hilarious at times.
    Going in, I wasn't too keen on watching another film based on people of colour and the trauma they go through at the hands of police brutality. Fruitvale Station comes to mind which is one of my personal favourites in this sub-genre. But I do believe that Blindspotting deserves a viewing for the characters of Collin (Daveed Diggs) and his troublemaking friend, Miles…

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  • Parasite



    Parasite has been described as the film of the year and genre-defining by many and after giving myself an hour to process it, I wholeheartedly agree.
    I can only describe Parasite as a rollercoaster of anxiety and going in blind, I wasn't nearly prepared enough for Bong-Joon Ho's masterclass in filmmaking. I'm amazed by how I can't possibly decipher a proper genre that this film would fall under. Chilling, anxiety-inducing and powerful, Parasite motors on from start to finish without…