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  • The Third Man
  • Daisy Kenyon
  • The Big Heat
  • Mildred Pierce
  • All About Eve

Classic film favorites

138 films

classic films/old hollywood favorites, everything from the 1920s to the 1960s.

  • Dance, Girl, Dance
  • Zama
  • Shirkers
  • The Bigamist
  • Dumplin'

#52FilmsByWomen 2019

21 films

i'm gonna try to watch more movies directed by women this year! i won't be counting rewatches.

  • Clueless
  • A Time to Live, a Time to Die
  • Dazed and Confused
  • A Brighter Summer Day
  • The Breakfast Club

Coming of Age

77 films

one of my favorite themes.

  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
  • Brief Encounter
  • Cold War
  • Letter from an Unknown Woman
  • Hiroshima Mon Amour

people only die of love in movies

20 films

guess i just love to be sad...

  • Out of the Past
  • Shadow of a Doubt
  • In a Lonely Place
  • Kiss Me Deadly
  • The Big Heat

Film Noir

75 films

this list does not include neo-noirs.

  • Imitation of Life
  • You Only Live Once
  • Stella Dallas
  • Port of Shadows
  • Jezebel


68 films

I live for that melodrama

  • A Brighter Summer Day
  • Three Times
  • A Time to Live, a Time to Die
  • Taipei Story
  • A City of Sadness

Taiwanese New Wave

25 films

some Taiwanese New Wave movies I have watched and some I want to watch!