Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

i’ve been thinking about this film for two days and i still cannot bring myself to like it so i’m going to list all the reasons i’ve given it such a low rating because i’m genuinely the biggest star wars fan ever but this was so disappointing. prefer for a serious review which is something i have NEVER done before in my life.

my first major issue is that finn’s storyline was literally so pointless, they really did my man so dirty... he was my favourite character in tfa and i was so excited to see what they’d do with his character in this movie but there was just... Nothing. he has no character development and his whole plan to infiltrate the first order or whatever the fuck was going on wasn’t even successful so thnx rian johnson way to ruin someone’s favourite character lmao!

SPEAKING OF RUINING FAVOURITE CHARACTERS what the fuck was the characterisation of luke in this? i have dedicated my life to that man since i was 6 years old i have seen all of the original trilogy at least 50 times i have read every canon book and comic book THAT IS NOT LUKE SKYWALKER!! i could go into this more but i won’t because it made me mad. also as if they just killed him off in that completely emotionless and stupid way. fuck off. mark hamill deserved better than this shitty script.

rey’s whole storyline was really boring. every time it cut back to her and luke on the island i literally could not care less and i loved her so much in tfa. the whole thing with her and kylo talking through the force was ridiculous and bullshit i hated it.

the one time we see leia clearly using the force they manage to make it into the most ridiculous film moment of 2017. it could have been a really emotional and incredible moment but they just show her flying through space in the stupidest way possible i actually laughed out loud in the cinema until i realised that was a legit serious moment.

they really just... killed off snoke without telling us anything about who the fuck that ugly potato actually is? okay...

the only character i really loved was poe i fuckin ride or die for that man also when yoda showed up it boosted my rating by about 75% fhjdndjsns

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