Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★½

If it is still completely possible to make relevant films about zombies years after “Night Of The Living Dead” then it is equally possible to resurrect Godzilla and improve both the story and the monster.  “Shin Godzilla” does exactly that.  This, the 39th screen appearance of the giant fire breathing lizard born of mans greed for nuclear power, is fiercely impressive.  Previous Godzilla films made light of the moral lesson behind the stories but this film with its expertly lensed action sequences sticks to the narrative that man is the true monster.  Unlike some viewers I had zero complaints about the dialogue heavy sequences and numerous characters on screen whose job it is to analyze, approve of methods of destruction and gain the correct protocol to eliminate the threat.  The red tape/BS factor is the same in Japan as it is anywhere else.  When Godzilla or Gojira makes his first appearance I was confused and dismayed.  That’s because this Godzilla is unlike any previously shown.  The menace of this monster is incredible!  Hiroki Hasegawa makes an impressive lead with a predominately Japanese cast.  The special effects are completely on point hinting there may very well be another Toho Production.  This film is amazingly good 👍🏻. In Japanese, English and German w/English Sub-titles.

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