Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★½

Film School Dropouts 2019
Week 15 - Composer - Dimitri Tiomkin

Sigh. I found myself a bit disappointed with Dial M for Murder. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good film, but after watching so many great Hitchcock films I was expecting more from this one. It had a great premise and some decent characters, but I just found it all a little bit flat, never really felt the suspense and tension build. 

Grace Kelly carries the film, and, she looks AMAZING in that red dress. I think that she out acts pretty much the rest of the cast, except maybe John Williams’ very Columbo-esque Chief Inspector Hubbard, he is a lot of fun. The rest of the male cast is either forgettable or insufferable.

Anyway, the theme of this week for the Film School Dropouts challenge is composer Dimitri Tiomkin. And even here I find myself disappointed. The score is good, not great. I have been extremely impressed with Tiomkin’s work in other films (particularly High Noon, which had a very defining and memorable song and score). Oh well, they can’t all be Oscar winners. 

So, in conclusion, not a great Hitchcock film, but even a mediocre Hitchcock film is hands done better that most movies.

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