Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★½

a masterpiece... literally a masterpiece. i've literally been freaking out for the last four hours trying to gather my thoughts. i cried... i'm literally about to cry right now writing this review. okay, some thoughts:

1) this comes as no surprise but i need to say it anyway... i love spider-man. i love him so much.
2) i loved that this took place in europe. i want to go to europe again.
3) tom looked so fucking good! whew...
4) also, tom's acting... oscar??? jake gyllenhaal too...
5) the first post-credits scene!!! i almost screamed in the theater. i can NOT believe.
6) i cannot believe that they got j.k. simmons to play j. jonah jamison again! what the FUCK (i don't think this counts as a spoiler)
7) i've decided that marisa tomei is my favorite aunt may.

this is literally the most annoying review i've ever written. i'm still shaking. i might like it more than homecoming but i've seen homecoming 10 times so i'm gonna have to watch this one a few more times to decide for sure.

also, this is the 1000th film i've logged on letterboxd. it seems fitting.. i love movies and i love spider-man and i love letterboxd, so yeah! anyway please watch this movie.

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