Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★★½

Part of my list of movies with the word MURDER in their titles

Hitchcock only takes about ten minutes to convey to the viewer what each of the 3 principal players thinks about the others. Then the guessing game begins: what will each one do?

Ray Milland was perfectly cast for this role and does a superb job at being believable as Tony Wendice, a rich woman's (Grace Kelly) husband. Often during the middle of watching this (I have seen it multiple times) I start to think whether someone other than Robert Cummings ought to have been cast as Mark Halliday, but by the end of it I wind up giving credit to Cummings after all.

John Williams (as Chief Inspector Hubbard) and Anthony Dawson (Swann/Captain Lesgate) both played the same roles in the stage play before this film was made and these actors (Dawson in particular) do a great job. All 5 actors hold your attention for 105 minutes and do it mostly all from within a single room. That takes acting and this film is an accomplished ensemble, captivatingly framed by Hitchcock.

8.5/10 (one line at the end when 'someone' who 'wronged' another offers that person a drink strikes a false note to me and owing to such I cut .25 for that)

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