The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

A bleak and hauntingly complex portrait of violence, religion, and redemption through generations. The film feels like a Lars Von Trier film in terms of how dark and miserable it is. Although, it’s script is incredibly stuffed that a 2 hour and 18 minutes runtime does not feel like enough. The first half and introduction of the characters were well set up but feels too long and slow. After that everything is kind of lost in the narrative. You don’t get to know the characters that much; their motives and intent, everything just kind of passes by and seems not really important. I feel like an hour or at least a half more would help on fleshing out the characters and the narrative as well. The film was never dull or convoluted, it just feels like there’s too much. Nonetheless, the performances in here were amazing that it elevated the film pretty well and no matter how slow the film is, I was completely engaged.

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