The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

A dark collection of stories that converge in a satisfying way. I really enjoyed how fleshed out it all was. The movie took its time in a really Stephen King kind of way which is sure to annoy some but it's a kind of storytelling that grips me. The use of shock and violence made for some effective moments, but it's not all the movie has to offer. There's a lot to care for and I was hooked to see how events unfolded and how the stories would intersect.

My only gripe and it's a big one, was the use of narration. I understand it's adapted from a book but the narration was just blurting out what we could already deduce by simply watching the movie and it took me out of it quite a bit. If the film just had a little more faith in its audience it could of been perfect!

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