Moonrise Kingdom ★★★★


This is a story of passion and perseverance, in more ways than one. Perseverance does take the form of wilderness survival here, but it most prominently is displayed in a fight for love, despite the obstacles that stand in the way.

This film also succeeds in providing many instances where themes that would normally clash under normal circumstances, actually compliment each other in the pursuit of providing a more convincing display of love and the curiosity of childhood.

Whether it be innocence and cruelty, love and hatred, or honor and deception, this film does not hold back when it comes to showcasing the raw energy and emotions that come about from their mixture, and the resulting pieces of art put up on display.

The themes here are also complimented by Wes Anderson’s iconic filmmaking style, cinematography, and sound design, the originality of which stands on their own in the film industry.

Overall, a wonderful tale of love, and the fight to maintain it.