Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★★

"Lake Mungo" is one of those underrated horror movies because of its uniqueness in a crowded genre. And it's kind of sad because it has that disturbingly good quality that most of its kind lack at the time and even these days.

The film tells the tale of a family grieving the loss of a daughter after drowning in a dam and the seemingly supernatural presence that haunts the family after the tragedy.

One of the uniquely good points of "Lake Mungo" is its mockumentary presentation aided by the casting of unknown actors. It definitely grounded the movie in reality, and when the horrors start to seep into this reality, you can't help but feel the dread.

Additionally, it's filled not with jump scares but with creepy imagery that lingers even after the credits roll. And the way director Joel Anderson chooses to zoom in to such detail indeed raises the scares. After I watched it, I went through a phase of not looking into the dark corners of my house, fearing I might see a face not meant to be there.

The movie leans on the psychological-horror territory, as it makes the question of the family's haunting experience real or a manifestation of their own grief, and that's another uniquely good quality that it brings.

"Lake Mungo" gave me one of the most disturbing experiences so far, and its dreadful atmosphere and great, realistic performance from its unknown actors helped enhance the film's realism and psychological horror elements, definitely making it a great watch.

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