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  • The Haunting of Bly Manor

    The Haunting of Bly Manor


    Fantastic. It reveals itself to be something all encompassing and not just a retread of style akin to the horrors from the first Haunting (Hill House). There are levels to this and it holds a firm emotional strength to it’s core, whilst it’s extremities are mostly creepy as hell as opposed to scary. Hill House had a lot of tension and shock moments, whilst Bly Manor gets under your skin and demands you know the truth! Both are examples of…

  • Porno



    I enjoyed this immensely. Guilty pleasure. Great atmosphere, fun script, innovative scenes, very few cliches, fabulously seductive score playing for long intervals and many incredible practical effects. Have you ever seen the aftermath of an exploding ball bag? Well... you will. To quote phrases from the script, this is a den of filth, a personal pleasure pony!

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  • Overlord


    There’s a lot of good stuff here. Great sound editing and high quality visuals. It also boasts a super charged opening sequence which is manic in the extreme. The acting too is decent from a bunch of mostly unknowns... but for all it’s good, it amounts to precious little. The problem for me is that it flatters to deceive. Overlord fails to be more than another generic story of discover and destroy. Okay, it’s Nazi Germany so war is on…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    True story. About 20 mins into Uncut Gems, I asked my wife an innocent question and she bites my bloody head off. 10 seconds later she apologises but seems uncomfortable in her environment. Concerned, I asked her If she’s okay and she replies “I think it’s this film, it’s making me feel on edge and stressed. I genuinely don’t think I can take it”. Wow. God I love the power of great movies! 

    I finished the film alone.