Burning ★★★★

I love a good mystery and Burning is a beautiful example of the slowest of slow burning mysteries that keeps you invested all the way to its bitter end. Whether or not you’ll be happy when you get there must surely be of divided opinion. I have to confess, I was disappointed it didn’t go off in one of the two different scenarios I had envisaged but there’s no denying the exciting tension I felt getting there. It’s well crafted too with some lovely lingering shots that are both mysterious in their own right but also expressive towards the environment the movie is set, close to the boarder line between North and South Korea, and the varying degree of freedom felt in the latter compared to the former. There is much to admire here and that admiration for filmmaking would warrant repeat viewings even if the mystery does not. I can’t imagine recapturing the same intrigue again now I know where it’s all headed. In fact, I fear the film may drag somewhat.