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  • Lost in Translation
  • Donnie Darko
  • Perfect Blue
  • Midnight in Paris

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  • The Vampire Doll

    The Vampire Doll


    "Fog drifts in an eerie forest
    Beautiful lips... a knife draws near
    The curse of an undead beauty who has risen,
    weeping in her search for fresh blood..

    Arguably, my new all-time favourite vampire movie, even if it's not really a vampire movie. Actually it's a kaijin (mysterious person/evil person with supernatural attributes) movie, but they described that entity as a "vampire" (probably more for marketing reasons, the japanese original title, which roughly translates as "Fear of the Haunted House:…

  • Voice



    "The ghost only remembers what she wants to"

    "Voice" is the fourth entry in the Korean anthologic "Whispering Corridors" series, the second one that I've watched, and it's a horror drama which deals with the themes of friendship, remembrance, mourning, discrimination, homosexuality and, especially, Athazagoraphobia, the phobia of being forgotten, a cornerstone of history.

    This time around the movie was quite engaging and interesting, with characters defined and relationships really shown. You felt sympathy for most of the main cast…

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  • Lamb



    Watched as part of the Alice nella Città selection during Festa del Cinema di Roma 2021

    While effects, directing, editing and sound editing are top notch, it's very slow burning and hard to watch at the beginning, you'll struggle to keep your eyes opened, but it'll be worth the pain.

    A sad, dramatic, surreal story with some darker horror red flags elements with an unexpected final twist. Quite shocking and underwhelming at the same time, but still passable.

    The father design is way too cartoonish and doesn't really fit the aesthetic of the movie. But he has a thicc ass.

  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale


    Fortnite if it was actually good.