Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★★

I originally took the opportunity to see Spring Breakers with very little knowledge of what type of film it would be. I know nothing of Harmony Korine's other work. I was in a unique situation. I came into this film unbiased and without expectation. What I encountered was something very interesting indeed. On my first rewatch I can confidently confirm it holds up extremely well indeed, in fact better than the first.

Spring Breakers is almost dreamlike in its direction. On my original viewing i quickly began to realise this film wasn't the standard film I thought I had walked into. With its repeated dialogue, snappy chronology jolts, slow motion, hazy fades, repeated gun shot sounds, electric colour scheme and whispering voice overs this film maker has obvious talent. I was almost in a trance watching it and immediately wanted to watch it again as soon as it finished so I could pick up on all the wonderful bits I had missed. The rewatch allowed me to pick up on so much more.

Through this hazy neon saturation come a lot of darkness. As the film progresses and we cleverly see various scenes through different perspectives and the darkness becomes all consuming. I particularly like the way towards the very end of the film the girls almost disappear into the darkness if it wasn't for their neon bikini's and unicorn crested pink balaclavas. So many scenes of merit to mention but I can't go without mentioning the montage of slow motion violence backed by a strange rendition of a Brittany Spears pop song played on a grand piano by Alien as the bikini and balaclava clad girls dance around toting automatic weapons... It certainly is a strange sentence to type, but the scene works so perfectly.

Another important reason this film succeeds is down to the increasingly impressive and versatile, James Franco. He plays Alien, the gold toothed, drug dealing, corn rowed, gangster. He balances completely over the top and creepily concerning very well indeed. A character so larger than life that any other actor choice could have ruined the entire flow and feel of the film.

Spring Breakers really surprised me and I now know it definitely withstands multiple watches and as suspected i immediately bought it. I hope this film does as well as it deserves. It will no doubt stay at the top end of my best films of 2013 for some time.

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