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  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
  • Klaus
  • Miracle on 34th Street

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  • Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas


  • Lessons in Chemistry


  • Dashing Through the Snow

  • Doctor Who: The Star Beast


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  • Barbie



    All my life I've wondered what was wrong with me. Perfection isn't ideal, nor is it even possible to surmount, so how could I live up to such standards? After so many years, so many wild & crazy thoughts about how I look, how I feel, how I am...I have finally found my truth. No longer am I lost. No longer am I searching for a purpose...because I...

    I am an ALLAN. And I am proud.

    'Barbie' is the existential crisis…

  • Oppenheimer



    If you could bottle up all of Oppy's rizz, you'd be able to make your own atomic bomb. Every time he slayed, I thought Spike Lee was going to come out running, screaming into the camera, "It's gotta be the hat!!!".

    What can I say, he just has that Ken-rgy.

    "This is a national emergency. I have skeletons in my closet...and they put ME in charge." J. Robert Oppenheimer

    Christopher Nolan's wartime epic is quite literally history in the making.…

Recent reviews

  • Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas

    Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas


    Hannah Waddingham has been working in this industry for over 20 years. No one deserves a rise of success more than her. Sometimes you can never tell when your moment will come, I'm just glad she got hers.

    'Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas' is more than a celebration of the Holiday season, it is a commemorative "cherry on top" for 'Ted Lasso' fans. Think of this more as a victory lap for the series, starring the cast, led by the…

  • Lessons in Chemistry

    Lessons in Chemistry


    "Well, you know how it goes. The board was looking for some new blood." - Boryweitz

    "New blood is just old blood, recirculated." - Elizabeth Zott

    'Lessons in Chemistry' is a cross between 'The Notebook', 'The Imitation Game', and Julia Child.

    Meet Elizabeth Zott, an outcasted & overqualified scientist who is held back by the rampant misogyny of the time. She seeks to showcase her intelligence on a wider scale, but to do so, she has to star in a cooking…

Popular reviews

  • Spirited



    I like to imagine Ryan Reynolds was so sick of Hugh Jackman bragging about 'The Greatest Showman' that he went out of his way to make a movie that ridicules musicals out of spite.

    'Spirited' is a self-deprecating Christmas musical that hates its own existence and I love it.

    Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol' has been beaten to death by Hollywood since 1908. Seriously, we've been regurgitating this classic novel with reimaginings for over 114 years and this is one…

  • The Wonder

    The Wonder


    One of the weirdest & most unnecessary openings/closings of all time.

    'The Wonder' is the type of arthouse film that's just asking to be made fun of and I'm honestly having a hard time agreeing with its praises.

    Florence Pugh can do nothing wrong and even when her films fail her, she commits fully no matter what. I have no criticism for her acting at all. In fact, she carries this film on her back figuratively and at one point "literally".…