Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★

How the hell did the same creative team behind the last film screw this one up so badly?!?

'Halloween Kills' is my worst nightmare coming out of the 2018 film. It fails to deliver anything of substance or purpose. You can tell they had no intention of making a trilogy and were put in a corner when the money kept piling up.

Sidelining Laurie Strode to focus on the dumbest characters in the history of this franchise is a monumental failure. I paid to watch Jamie Lee Curtis fight Michael Myers, not this.

The story structure here is reminiscent of an episodic series, not a feature film. Now this makes sense considering David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have worked on multiple television series, but this scattershot film has no focal point and is a gigantic mess to witness.

Having read several reviews of those who attended advanced screenings, this film was butchered on the cutting room floor. The final 15 minutes are the biggest "how did this get approved" for any film I've seen in a while.

This has killed any interest I had left for 'Halloween Ends' and makes me wish they could have just let Michael Myers burn in that fire all those years ago.