Eternals ★★★★½

Eternals has the best cinematography in the MCU.

There's no debate about it. It's the best.

It also has the best direction. It feels very much like a Zhao film. I am honestly very shocked people say there's not much of her in here, but I just think they are venting, because if you actually look into this film you'll discover Zhao.

The acting was great, superb in some scenes and the story was soooo good. I did not like certain things in the film i.e, the celestials who created earth, ect, ect. All that accumulative story points concentrating on the celestials being gods was just not for me, but I did however trick my brain in remembering that it is from the comics, so it's not really attacking my philosophy per say...

I did however enjoy every single second of this... Honestly more so than half of all the mcu projects, more than loki DEFINITELY more than basically my entire bottom tier mcu.

I don't really get everyone's complaints about the script. I thought they handled the characters as best they could... I gave a shit load more about the eternals who died (and coincidentally those who had little screen time) than ANY characters from loki and various other mcu projects...

This film has a few minor ticks that frustrates me, but honestly I just had fun with it... My mom said it's a tentative 3 stars. I honestly don't know what to rate it yet. A 4? Maybe A 4 1/2 star? I honestly don't know, I honestly don't care... I do not know how to rank this... It's finally a different project. Which is why I find it so difficult to articulate why people say it's the same old mcu doing it's own mcu thing... This was such a different experience and I am so sad I didn't have money to watch this in Imax... The sheer scale of the celestials was mesmerizing,

I cannot wait to see Galactus!

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