• Dead Heat

    Dead Heat


    Piscopo should have eaten a juice steak sometime after promising to become a vegetarian in that awesome butcher shop scene.

  • The Goonies

    The Goonies


    The mystery of the missing octopuss

  • Dirty Ho

    Dirty Ho


    There are probably million ways to make a joke about its unfortunate title, but none of them matter, because this is pretty much Mount Everest of martial arts cinema.

  • Bergman Island

    Bergman Island

    I would have preferred, I don't know, Lubitsch Island or Wilder Island but this one was pretty good, too.

  • Heroes of the East

    Heroes of the East


    Ha, this one is like a classic screwball comedy just with so much more kung-fu and hornier servants.

  • Crippled Avengers

    Crippled Avengers


    The premise is already wonderfully bonkers: It's like See No Evil Hear no Evil meets Lieutenant Dan Taylor meets that mentally disabled clone from Multiplicity, all spiced up with a healthy dose of acrobatic kung-fu. Would have been my favourite of the bunch if it was a bit tighter and structured better.

  • The Five Venoms

    The Five Venoms


    Storywise probably the most convoluted out of all the Shaw movies I’ve seen recently, I mean, I’m not even entirely sure what and most importantly why some of the characters do what they do here, but what a blast otherwise. Not a dull moment.

  • Chinatown Kid

    Chinatown Kid


    Watched the longer cut

    There is nothing that can lift my spirits as suddenly as white guys doing some god-tier awful acting in Hong Kong movies. That "great kung-fu" guy can be proud of himself. Legendary performance.

    That said, this one's pretty damn entertaining with a lot of proto-John Woo heroic bloodshed stuff and tons of silly weirdness like obsession with hot dogs and electronic watches.

  • Mr. Jealousy

    Mr. Jealousy


    “Perhaps we all should go back inside”

  • Kimi



    Soderbergh's most pure movie since Haywire and probably the most entertaining too. Kravitz is a great physical performer.

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    Norse mythology is just about the most perfect fit for a darkly funny, gnarly trip into the nature of masculinity and its apparent absurdity, but then you have a 90 million dollar budget and have to make certain sacrifices. It's almost too straight-forward and normal.

    Will revisit in the future.

  • Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

    Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy


    As much as I liked the first and the last segment, the middle one makes this one special.