Eternals ★★★½

 “You know what has never saved the world? Your sarcasm.” 

I thought this was good, but lacked a wow factor to it .Something I think as been missing, from all the Marvel movies post Endgame. The story was interesting but not engrossing, but it was never boring . Especially with it being 2an half hours long , I put that down to the cast who are all decent. And director Chloe Zhao, she just about pulls of the blanching act off giving everyone a chance to shine. It can’t having been easy, when you’ve got to introduce 10 new characters, and characters that aren’t so well known. The effects are quite good, the action is lively if a bit repetitive at times. Enjoyed Richard Madden as Marvel’s version of Superman (Ikaris ). it did feel like Marvel was sticking two fingers up  at DC . Going we can do Superman better then you can, in closing it’s nice to see Marvel trying to do something different within the MCU , and using new characters. This won’t be for everyone, but for me it did enough for me that I want to see more of the Eternals in MCU . Watched at the Cinema.

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