Ad Astra ★★★

In this very somber "sadstronaut" movie, Brad Pitt plays a Major astronaut living in his father's footsteps, who went missing by Neptune many years ago. One day a strange surge gives him reason to try to reach out to him, if he's still alive.

I think this is well made and certainly very well photographed and Pitt does a lot by way of introspection, but it just lacked some urgency for me. I thought it would be the kind of film that builds to one big revelation, but it's really not that all, it's purely about the journey, and much like his character, it asks the audience to slow down, take a breath and ponder.

I'm not saying that all films have to be some kind of action or thriller spectacle to have meaning or to be enjoyable, but I think this one just stretched it a little thin for my liking. It largely depends on your mood and preference though, sometimes a more slow and "plotless" movie can be a breath of fresh air, but I think Interstellar and First Man had more engaging "serious astronaut" stories.

If you do watch it, just pace yourself and be ready for two hours where the journey is largely the sum of it all, not a heavy driving plot or any big twists, even though it had a few moments where it would throw a baboon in the wrench. It was..that dreadful word "nice", but nice isn't anything much to hang in the Christmas tree.