Evil Dead II ★★★

This is a fan favorite for many, but..as often is the case, I don't really agree.

In this one, Raimi went completely Looney Tunes. Literally. 98% of the movie is devoid of dialogue and any semblance of plot and it's all just crazy comedy horror, limbs literally flying, hundreds of gallons of blood gushing. It's just not balanced and it's always felt strange to watch. The first time you watch it you'll probably get a lot of laughs, like a child watching a cartoon..but the more times I watch it, I just wish it had something to break things up a bit. It's just exhausting, haha.

Also, the characters are just the worst. I know they're deliberately written to be frustratingly idiotic, but again, that's funny once or twice, but now I'm just kind of tired of it.

It's a special effects movie first and foremost, and the team at KNB can be proud of their work. That's the star of the show. But it's a 90 minute assault of it. If an action movie is 90 minutes of action, that's too much. If a comedy is 90 minutes of nonstop jokes, it's too much as well. But when a horror comedy throws on the crazy cartoony violence in absurdum it's..fine I guess? The characters barely speak to one another, and half of the movie (let's face it, the better half) is Ash alone in the cabin going crazy.

So yeah, it's a great crazy 80's showreel of wild, silly, absurd and gory monster effects, but a movie? Not much of that. It also rehashes so much of the first one but just in a different order or in a slightly different way. So forgive me, not my favorite. I think Army of Darkness and Ash vs. Evil Dead pretty much nailed it though, that great balance of comedy and horror, character beats and hysterically over the top gore.

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