Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★★

In just 20 years, Chewie went from happily greeting Yoda on Kashyyk to being trapped in some mudpit on Mimban.

Maybe it's just me, but I still thoroughly enjoy this one. I think it gets pretty much everything right. It's action packed, funny (mostly, not L3-37 though), and the characters are well written and have good arcs.

It's actually strikingly similar to Casino Royale in many different ways, the entire core plot is almost the exact same thing, but I like it. I know "messing with Han" isn't cool, but honestly, if you haven't watched it, or haven't watched it in a while, go watch it again with an open mind and I think you'll enjoy it. It's more "original" than the sequel trilogy, far more exciting and better written than the prequels and not as slowly paced as the classics, at least A New Hope. Yeah, I went there, but you know it's true.

It looks a little dull though - maybe it's because I came straight from the prequels with their super saturated early 2000's look, but this looks hazy and dull in comparison. Browns and greys tend to dominate, maybe it's how it's filmed or maybe the sets were just packed with smoke but I was really aware of it tonight. And again, L3-37 is like a bad SJW internet joke that they actually put into the movie..for whatever dumb reason. Rewrite her and I think I'd love this movie in almost every way imaginable.

Still, I think it's ironically a really worthy prequel and a really enjoyable Star Wars movie, and I'm really curious as to what the original version that they scrapped was like. Would it have been far worse or would people have liked it? Did it never stand a chance? You never know. I know what I like though, and I like this one. Great action, well written characters with arcs, Han is legitimately funny (absolutely love when he goes "I've got a great feeling about this!", nice in-joke and really telling about his character). The score is also the first non-Williams score that's great, but he did provide the main Solo theme, so yeah. It managed to find that balance of "they live in a shithole" (i.e. Rogue One), but also "they're still likeable adventurous characters" (i.e. The Force Awakens). So yeah, well done, and I think it's an honest shame that more people didn't give it a chance.