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  • Guns Akimbo

    Guns Akimbo


    If I had seen this ten or fifteen years ago, it would've been "like, the coolest shit ever!", but it's not. I feel like the people involved are mostly just.. pissing in my brain.

    Daniel Radcliffe plays a loser caught making shitty mobile games who is one day attacked by Skizm, an evil corporation that pits murderers and crazies in livestreamed fights to the death. They knock him out and drill guns into both of his hands and tell him…

  • Gaslight



    I watched this without actually watching it, but I think I really liked it!

  • Superman: Red Son

    Superman: Red Son


    Out on digital today, and based on the excellent graphic novel of the same name. In the early 20th century, Superman lands in the Soviet Union instead of America, and it isn't long until he kills Stalin and takes over as a worldwide communist dictator. Even Wonder Woman is on his side, but not American President Lex Luthor, First Lady Lois Lane Luthor...and the Gulag slave turned terrorist known as Batman.

    I read the graphic novel just a few days…

  • The Ninth Configuration

    The Ninth Configuration


    Finally got around to watching this William Peter Blatty film based on his novel. It's a strange one to be sure, and on a first time watch I felt a bit.. tossed around. It's not entirely unlike "WPB's Shutter Island" though.

    A psychiatrist comes to a secluded castle where mentally ill Vietnam veterans are held as an experiment. As he tries to deal with them he begins to unravel his own troubled past.

    The first act caught me totally off…

  • VFW



    John Carpenter just wept a single tear of joy.

    A group of old war veterans at their local VFW post/bar (veterans of foreign wars post) end up besieged by a group of crazy junkies when they shelter a girl on the run from a vicious gang leader.

    This has quite a cast. Stephen Lang (Avatar). William Sadler (Die Hard 2). Fred Williamson (From Dusk Till Dawn). Martin Kove (The Karate Kid). David Patrick Kelley (The Warriors). George Wendt (Cheers).


  • Parasite



    Second time's the charm. Really brilliant, and masterfully photographed and acted. Best of all, the film feels coherent despite vast tonal shifts and the moral is clear but they still keep things fairly ambiguous in a sense. You can interpret it as deeply tragic (which seems more likely), or with a brutally ironic punchline that is still a tad hopeful. I was absolutely delighted when this took home the key Academy Awards, not only for Best Foreign Film but also Best Film in one night. Well deserved, and maybe the Academy is starting to see things a little bit more clearly.

  • Charlie's Angels

    Charlie's Angels

    How in the hell does this currently have a 2.9 average rating on Letterboxd?

    A new version of Charlie's Angels, written, produced by and starring Elizabeth Banks (in the Bosley role because.. plot twist, they shoot a man and replace him with a woman - I'm sensing a new movie cliché for the current feminist era).

    This movie starts with Kristen Stewart's kick-ass character in disguise with a dress and long blonde hair. She's discussing female empowerment with a sexist…

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    The chicken or the egg? Did I look at my phone throughout this one because it didn't grab my attention, or didn't it grab my attention because I was looking at my phone? I think it's the first, but I respect the attempt.

    Daniel Craig ranting about donut holes in a Southern drawl is kind of amazing, but I think Rian Johnson's style, a very..absurd, almost.. irreverent kind of thing can be pretty hit or miss. It's a traditional murder…

  • Starship Troopers

    Starship Troopers


    I have a lot of memories with this one. When I was about 9 or 10 my dad took me and my brother to see it, but we were stopped at the entrance when the ticket taker noticed we weren't old enough. Later we got it on VHS and watched it a bunch, and of course I had no idea that the entire movie is a sendup on fascism. I just thought it was a cool and really violent action…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Well, I suddenly feel like I'm a financial genius.

    In this Safdie Brothers film, Adam Sandler plays a stressed out NYC jeweler and two-bit gambler who has just come upon a rare Ethiopian black opal diamond, which lands him in trouble from all sides.

    So this is..stress: the movie. If you thought Spielberg's talky scenes were as annoying as I do.. I've got bad news and good news. This entire movie is an atomic bomb of stressful chatting. Yammering. Talking.…

  • Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari


    The true story of how Ferrari upset Henry Ford II so much that he hired former race driver Carroll Shelby and mechanic and driver Ken Miles to design them the world's first and fastest Ford race car and use it to beat Ferrari at Le Mans 66, the legendary 24 hour long race in France.

    Mangold is so great with characters. It's all characters, even though gearheads are sure to get a thrill too. Even when Miles (Christian Bale) is…

  • Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero

    Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero


    Mr. Freeze in animation: "You want to live like this? Abandoned and alone? A prisoner in a world you can see but never touch? Old and infirm as you are, I'd trade a thousand of my frozen years for your worst day."

    Mr. Freeze in live action: "COOL PARTY!"

    How goddamn well cast wasn't Michael Ansara as the voice of Mr. Freeze? Just perfection. If a man's voice could have a steel gaze, his would've been it.

    Look, sadly I…