Eternals ★★★★

“You know what has never saved the world? Your sarcasm.”

Lots to really like here, primarily the cast and Zhao’s gorgeous direction. The cast are all great. The biggest shame is I could say, “we should have gotten more of xxxxx” and mean any of the Eternals themselves. Really liked the relationship between Thena and Gilgamesh. Kingo is interesting. We mainly learn about Ikaris and Sersi as the headliners of the Eternals. With the film being as long as it is, not sure how exactly they would have fit in more time with these characters but I wanted it. With Eternals being that long, it does what I’ve wanted Marvel films to do and allow the characters to talk and interact with each and there’s often just long scenes of them talking to each other. Just give me more of it. 

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