Hancock ★★★½

This movie had so much potential…
I think in the end I’ll still say this movie is severely underrated. It’s plot-line is creative and cinematically it was quite beautiful in more aspects than I was expecting. Normally I don’t write reviews for mediocre movies so as not to waste my time writing a mediocre review, but this movie was mediocre for an actually rather unique reason. Most mediocre movies really ride the line right in the middle of a great movie and a bad one slightly rising and declining like a bar graph throughout but overall staying relatively centered. But this movie rather ping ponged rapidly back and for hitting the “really good” line and dropping to the “really bad” line, instead just averaging out at mediocre in the end. It’s cinematic shots were filled with emotion and rich with perspective, but the plot-line was needlessly over complicated resulting in plot holes stopping it from ever taking flight. They obviously set up the entire movie for character development from the very beginning but derailed the entire arc with a nearly pointless love triangle plot-line resulting in not only the un-development of characters and their storylines but ultimately leaving you just straight up confused at the end. It almost seems as if the writers kept taking really long breaks in between every 7 scenes and each 8-10th scene was their warmup to get back into it. Overall only stating the one and biggest problem I had with it, I would fully understand why someone could hate this movie, but I also understand why someone could love this movie, and who am I to say it’s anything other than just an oddly average movie.