Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Ah fuck it’s gonna be one of those reviews eh?

I first saw “Everything Everywhere All At Once” during a dark time in my life. Last year in February, I attempted suicide following a toxic and abusive relationship + months of constant depression/anxiety. Thankfully my attempt failed and I was taken to a psychiatric hospital. However in less than a week, I was discharged, I still had a heart that was shattered into a million pieces and a mindset that was completely lost and warped into bad memories, numbness, and faded hope. Soon after leaving the hospital, I suffered from sleepless nights, the thought of ending my life still there waiting for me to become another lost cause, another estimate, another one in a 7 billion that was going to just disappear.   Nothing matters right?

About a month later, I found myself in yet again……another abusive and toxic relationship. (Good going Rocco)  Also around this time was when I saw this film in theaters. It was spring break in Florida and I was hanging out with my brother and cousins for the week. I still remember the day vividly, hell I even remember the morning and the night before. I went to the mall with my family and while they were watching “Sonic The Hedgehog 2” I was at the other side of the multiplex watching “Everything Everywhere All At Once”.  This was also the day my partner cheated on me, who then called me about it and treated it like a joke. So to put it lightly, I didn’t exactly go into this film with a smile on my face.

2 hours later, as the credits rolled, I was crying tears of joy in my seat and felt like there was finally a film, that understood me, that knew I needed comfort and decided to wrap me in the warmest blanket, topped with the actual contents of the movie being completely my thing. I can’t get enough of the zany absurd humor, the ridiculously entertaining performances and set pieces. I walked out of that mall, the heat outside still blazing, and I still felt the warmth in my heart. A heart that was previously shattered again and again but now recovered and rekindled, by a silly action comedy made by 2 people, who clearly have a passion for love and connection, even in the midst of chaos and nihilism.  Everyone deserves a Waymond Wang in their life :)

This is a perfect movie.  

I’m gonna go cry and hug my pet raccoon now.

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