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  • The Deserted Archipelago

    The Deserted Archipelago

    Maybe too deep in a largely symbolic universe for the unfamiliar viewer to have easy purchase but many of the images speak for themselves without context: a vampiric nun tearing into a chicken, a newborn adult dance troupe cavorting while connected by an umbilical cord, a boy growing up on his father's back, various inspired overlays and intercuts. There's a certain haphazard feeling even to these, though -- would any amount of context make Hank Williams and James Brown seem…

  • Vacation!


    About to take long weekend trip, thinking about films that could conceivably have been shot in a weekend in a vacation rental (was there AirB&B in 2010?!).

    I wrote about this for my own note-taking purposes in about 2012 and rather than re-post musings about whether mumblecore was totally dead or not, which seems especially irrelevant in 2019, I'll just say that then, as now, I appreciated the completely anti-mumblecore level of craft that went into the script arc (even…

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  • Knife+Heart



    A couple years ago, Maya and I got caught up in a conversation on a feature film we'd have tried to make if that was something we could reasonably do: a modern giallo rethinking where exclusively beautiful young men die, free to bask in the questionable aesthetics of death the genre trades in by flipping the codes. It seemed so obvious that we couldn't believe no one had done it, at least as far as we could think of. Well…

  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return


    I'm wary of hyberbolizing here, but this managed to make me watch television week after week for the first time in a decade, and quashed my doubts that any version of a Twin Peaks third season could possibly live up. Actually, as a cohesive 18 hour experience all directed by Lynch himself, it's better than the original series. I also appreciate that unlike the original, this is a post-modern entertainment in dialogue with what it perceives to be the audiences'…