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  • Salt, Saliva, Sperm and Sweat
  • Angel Mine
  • Longshot
  • No Such Thing as Gravity
  • Mod Fuck Explosion

No-Wave Noise Transmission 1978 - 1994

26 films

Grimy-avant post/cyber-punk signals via fuzzy television and early digital electronics. Technologically mediated desires, re-formatted cityscapes. New York was the nucleus…

  • The Magic Toyshop
  • White Room
  • Ballet
  • Taxandria
  • Treasure Island

Marginal Fairy Stories for Pseudo Children

22 films

Classical fairytale modes borrowed for complicated or personal purposes, tonally confusing enchantments, murky mythologies, and ambiguous morals for uncertain audiences.…

  • Paul Revere Is Here
  • Ai Can
  • Calculated Movements
  • Donuts
  • Adorable

Eyeworks Festival 2018

18 films

Selections of the Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation, 2018, in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Brooklyn.

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