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This review may contain spoilers.

The first anime I watched. i don't feel emotional I feel as cold and unfeeling as Ryuk After all, I don't feel sorry for a poor man who has a hollow obsession with kindness and kills even innocent people, bye yagami light.

Because for two seconds before I entered this statement, I thought that Yagami Light might be innocent and that the events developed like this, but he risked losing even his father, the number became unable to walk because of him, Takada's death by fire, the death of Ray Penber's innocent fiancee. He doesn't make this man a better place and make the world a better place. Light yagami is a cowardly jerk who uses their emotions to go over women. I felt great when that confident expression on his face in the finale remained in fear.
As I always say... good and evil are like holding a mirror.
Those who are obsessed with good cannot avoid being bad. It's as if the opposite thought becomes normal for them. it's like.

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