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This review may contain spoilers.

Reverend Preston Teagardin said the best lines:


My father is a preacher. He's also a piece of shit who gave up on his family because GOD had a plan for him: he needs to travel around the country (Brazil) and convert as much sinners as he can, because that's his life's purpose. So he fucked off to chase his dream and we didn't spoke since 04.

I'm telling this because religion is really something that can alienate individuals depending on how much it's cherished on their ambient.

This movie reminded me The Place Beyond the Pines, even in marketing but specially in story structure. I loved how the script managed to tie the knot on every single character, and the connections they have with each other is something as well thought as the Dark series.

Bill Skarsgård gives a heartbreaking performance, one of the best of the movie. He's only surpassed by the second act, when Robbert Pattinson comes in the scene (and totally steals it). I love how all this european/non-american actors managed to pull a very convincing southern accent.

Tom Holland starts too "movie-star" (his first scene looks like a Marvel segment) but he eventually catches up when shit start going down and carries the movie very well from them on.

I can't really point any flaw regarding the acting and the script. If you don't like violent movies, skip it. I don't mind seeing people being tortured and brutalised on-screen, it's something that happens everyday around the world and it doesn't bother me at all (the more violent, more points to the fx team).

Now, if you condemn this movie because it's a critic against your personal beliefs and how some people maneges to take it beyond the line of sanity: boo-hoo.

They were on a violent period of time, but the most dangerous aspect of this epoch is how religion influenced people into thinking they can do EVERYTHING if they got the support/contact with God (including trying to resurrect a woman and rape a children saying it's His will and then convince her it was all a dream).

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