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  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes


    Since the moment i see the start credits i knew the this is my kind of film, a very astonishing cinematography in every second, and that ballet dance make me cum, is just so pleasurable see how directors make things so well, and the cast is the one best parts of the movie, every set desing of this make me feel that i want to be there. Although, that in the thrid act i feel like the romance between the…

  • Demolition



    emocionally speaking this film made what other films could do, what is make me feel good and like if beign weirdo when someone arround me dies just for have a kinda hangover trip whit a kid and a blonde girl. Start with a emotionally fast paced drama, as if it could be a film that explores the most profound details of the protagonist, but as the movie goes this develops in a slow way, wich is not bad for me…

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  • 8½


    this film is incredibly bizarre, but at the same time spectacular, the light, where it is always dark somewhere on the frame; the way it is filmed; where he uses the long shots to generate tension and how he relaxes when using comedy. Perhaps what surprised me the most was the dialogue, which was confusing but at the same time inspiring. It is definitely a masterpiece.

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    WELLLLLLLLLLLL, i saw this movie, and i feel like a fresh start for superheroes, the animation is amazing and this is what i reffer when i talked about character development, is a very great script, that show us the humanity of heroes, show their personal conflicts, and is easy to reflect with our personal conflicts, because we understand how the character feel during all the movie, we actually know that spiderman can be better and can overcome the problems, during…