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This review may contain spoilers.

''Anaesthetise me... throw me away! No, I can't, I can't take any more! Leave me alone! It's shame, it's all shame! Leave me alone! I'm cold and rotten and indifferent! It's all just lies and imitation, all of it!''

This is my second viewing this year, and I have just begun to focus on the theory that both women are the wrestling psyche's of the same person, and jeez does it make sense!

*The fact that no one sees these women together in the one space. (eg. Fight Club)

*The initial reading of the letter that Alma is reading and then a cut immediately to Elisabet screwing up the letter as if she was the one reading it (I feel this is deliberate)

*After Alma's orgy story she says ''One and the same person'' and ''I was two people at the same time''

*The first time we hear Elisabet talk is when she says something to Alma about falling asleep at the table, and just when we think it would be a revelation that she spoke, Alma repeats the exact same line herself as if it never happened.

*''I am not Elisabet Volger, you are...'', Alma: ''Us, we, me ,I.''

*When Alma chases Elisabet along the beach after the fight and says ''I don't want to part as enemies'' and Elisabet turns and immediately disappears out of the frame, as if she was never there.

*When Alma here's the husband coming and says "I'll find out what he wants from US, out here in OUR loneliness'' and then he calls Alma Elisabet. He never sees Elisabet in this sequence, only Alma.

*The repetition of Elisabet's story seems to me to be played from two perspectives and repeated on both faces before the merging happens to key us in that they are the same person (how would Alma know the story) if we hadn't finally clued into it by this stage, and then there is the final packing of the suitcase by Elisabet, which Alma is seen carrying to the bus with no sign of Elisabet in the final scene.

*I feel that the orgy story told by Alma, is possibly what they wish was the true story about the pregnancy (one that ended in abortion), rather than the one told later where her husband impregnated her with a child she didn't want and had to give birth to.


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