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  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods


    Now I get why Spike did an Oldboy remake, dude is all over the shop!

    His last film was a friggin’ masterpiece, but this? 

    A Didactic and cheese-coated hot mess.

    Watch at your own risk...

  • Velvet Buzzsaw

    Velvet Buzzsaw



    This had all the makings of a fun satirical romp, even causing me to watch the trailer more than once with glee.

    What a shame it was so misguided and just a bit shit really.

  • Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses

    Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses


    A film in which it feels like no one involved gave a flying f@#k!

  • The Devil, Probably

    The Devil, Probably



    I will preface by saying that I could not "review" this film with any kind of significant analysis or depth of comprehension. Even when bringing what I know of Robert Bresson's film language and methods to the table, I still feel eluded as to the statement being made here. I really struggled to find an emotional hook (which I think/guess Bresson purposely eschews), an interest in any character (particularly our bland and boring protagonist) or their pseudo-intellectual concerns about…

  • The Discovery

    The Discovery


    A dour and unremarkable film that riffs on the vibes and high concept of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, yet fails to deliver due to a lacklustre screenplay, the unfortunate miscasting of Jason Segel and Rooney Mara (complete with an ill-fitting blonde dye-job) trying admirably to deliver more that her underwritten character will allow. The whole thing is just so messy and emotionless that even Robert Redford can't manage to convince. Charlie McDowell's 2014 debut The One I Love was a little gem that I recommended to everybody that I could, but this follow-up is sadly half the film that that was.

  • Split



    Shyamalamadingdong is still a friggin' try-hard!

    That twist might actually work for those that cared for the other thing it is referencing as it tries to sum itself up in its last breath (hope that is spoilery-free enough for ya), and guess you can imagine which side of the fence I reside on.


  • The Childhood of a Leader

    The Childhood of a Leader


    This certainly feels like the work of an amateur filmmaker reaching for the stars where someone like Michael Haneke resides, and whilst this debut directorial outing for actor Brady Corbet shows some promise, it lands with a heavy thud. First of all the score from the famed and experimental musician Scott Walker is ill-fitting and obtrusive to the point of instructing the viewer how to feel (Corbet certainly didn't learn this from Haneke, who rarely uses music for this reason),…

  • Keanu



    I don't know why I expected any more from this really.

    These dudes are great in their short sharp skit bursts, but I barely managed a chuckle in this 90 minute one-note joke.

    It wasn't terrible, but being bland is a cinematic crime too.

  • Knight of Cups

    Knight of Cups


    I admire the film to an extent for its ambition, but I also reject the film as some sort of abstract masterpiece, when he has surely already been creating them since The Thin Red Line, culminating with the spiritual symphony that is The Tree of Life. I was locked in for the journey here for a while, until it just became obvious to me that the simple crux beneath all the imagery is yet another redundant spiritual crisis in tinsel…

  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    Lurking inside somewhere is potentially good horror film, but so many underdeveloped elements make for an incredibly irritating experience. I want much more out of my cinema than Lucio Fulci offers up here, and even as a supposed 'cult' film, it should have naggingly endless re-watch value, so I guess this one time deal is not a cult I am meant to be a part of.

  • Birth



    Well now I know why I didn't have much stored in the memory banks for Glazer's sophomore film, it is just not that memorable. I wonder how the film would have delivered its interesting concept with one critical change - NOT have the 10 year old kid that claims to be the reincarnation of Nicole Kidman's character's dead husband an arrogant and precocious little turd! Kidman's performance is stellar and the film has merit visually, but the script is clunky…

  • The Nightmare

    The Nightmare


    Rodney Ascher's attempt at experiential documentary horror was a bit of a dud for me to be frank, listening to these victims of sleep paralysis was almost as painful as what they are going thru on a nightly basis. I admire the attempt to break the doco mould, but I actually craved some scientific material or analysis from experts rather than just continuous experiential details from these sufferers. Not once was I frightened by any of the visual representations of…