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  • Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

    Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

    So much must-see gold within these 90 mins of deleted and extended scenes, although it must be said that Lynch was very intuitive in leaving this stuff out of FWWM, as they would have really detracted from the film's central theme; Laura Palmer. The Desmond/Cable dust-up is one for the ages!

  • Suicide Service

    Suicide Service

    I watched this four weeks ago in its near final form, but will not rate it or review until I see it in its final cut. What I can say though, is that Thorkell August Ottarsson has successfully transitioned from the short film format to a full-length feature filmmaker, and that he should be very proud of his achievements!

  • The Ninth Configuration

    The Ninth Configuration

    I enjoyed this so damn much, I had to dive in again...

    See my spoiler-filled review on log no#2.

  • Last Year at Marienbad

    Last Year at Marienbad

    ''Yes, I know. I don't care. For days and days. Why don't you still want to remember anything?''

    So here's the thing...

    I just cannot fathom why I did not enjoy watching this film -

    - I fell head over heels for Hiroshima, Mon Amour.

    - I am a sucker for enigmatic plotting and challenging narrative.

    - The film is pretty damn easy on the eyes cinematographically.

    - The atmospheric pipe organ score was tastefully applied.

    - I drank coffee…

  • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

    Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

    So I finally watched this film with lofty expectations, expecting maybe more than what I actually got. But that's OK, because I can't shake it and I know that this film is working on levels I haven't quite managed to arrive at yet. I can see the subtext of modernity vs. nature and mysticism, the cultural importance of kind ghosts and spirits and their place in the world of the living and the theme of reincarnation. I can also see…

  • The Sessions

    The Sessions

    A touching film that whilst has a Hollywood sheen that screams 'Oscar bait', is also tender and compassionate. Helen Hunt seems comfortable in mostly naked performance, whilst John Hawkes proves once again he is a talent to be reckoned with.