Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! ★★★★★

Things that happen in 3 minutes of Voulez-Vous:

- Rachel McDowall's bomb-ass moves
- the guys crash the bachelorette party
- Sky gives Sophie a necklace
- Sophie makes eye contact with Bill
- Bill notices Donna and wants to talk to her about a recent revelation while Sophie is visually opposed to this idea
- Sam comes out as Sophie's dad
- Sam promises to give Sophie away at the ceremony
- Sophie "can't breathe"
- Sam tails Donna
- Tanya dances with her boy toy
- Rosie entertains Bill
- Harry comes out as Sophie's dad and he "will be there"
- Sophie's anxiety manifests itself through choreography
- and all of that happens under beautiful neon lights, with solid cinematography and immersive production design like what????

tl;dr Voulez-Vous did THAT and then some

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