Persona ★★★★½

Persona is my first Ingmar Bergman film, a director I was really interested in exploring and this film did not disappoint.

Persona is a masterfully crafted surreal film and it is easy to watch its influence on films that followed. The cinematography is excellent, the shots which vary between quite wide and really close up, really do their job in the film and all that Bergman can portray with just the faces of his actresses is wonderful.

The dialogue in this film is really fascinating, this being quite interesting given that most of it is spoken by a single actress. These varying from themes such as morality, self, sexuality, happiness and existence itself leave an important impact on the viewer. The two main actresses are fabulous, Bibi Andersson is captivating and really powerful in her performance, Liv Ullmann is incredibly expressive just with her eyes and without the need for a single line of dialogue.

Persona is one of those movies that I probably need to go back to in the future and although I was supremely fascinated with it, I haven't really finished understanding all the symbolism and themes behind it and probably every time I think about it I will like it more and more.

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