tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★★½

I knew nothing about this musical or its history, and I had never seen Rent, so I had no knowledge of Jonathan Larson's life. Which results in tick, tick...BOOM! a tremendously rewarding surprise

This musical expresses in a sensational and truly emotional way the feeling that many of us young adults have that time is passing and there isn't enough time to achieve all of our goals and dreams that we idealized back in the day.

Andrew Garfield is incredible in this role; I've always been a fan of his, but with this film, he has really convinced me that he is one of the best actors working today and deserves many bigger projects in the future; his casting was truly perfect.

Also, I want to highlight Lin-Manuel Miranda's really solid work as a director in his first film. It's not perfect, the movie drags a bit in its second act, and it still struggles to find its own identity, but the camera work was fantastic, the performances he managed to pull off were quite impressive, and the emotion and feeling of the film was really transmitted to the audience.

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