Parasite ★★★★★

i went into this movie blind so i actually had no idea what to expect other than the fact that since it was a bong joon ho movie starring song kang ho, i was legally obligated to stfu and go watch it.

the first half of the movie is actually incredibly funny, it was basically a comedy. i don't think there was a period of 5 straight minutes in which the audience wasn't bursting out laughing, and all the korean jokes actually translated extremely well to an audience full of american ass people, which was a pleasant surprise.

and then the film does a complete 180 and turns into a suspense thriller but this transition wasn't jarring at all. there's some great social commentary here and some really iconic scenes as well.

i did wish the climax was a little more tense and suspenseful than it was and lasted a little longer. i also wish the aftermath of the climax and the consequences they suffered were explored a little more instead of being briefly explained and then rushing into the final scene, but i think it worked fine for how he chose to wrap up the ending.

all in all, incredible movie. bong joon ho's best film to date imo.


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