Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★½

After knowing the concept behind "Ready Or Not" and avoiding any trailers I was looking forward to some ridiculously violent stylized horror-lite cat-and-mouse entertainment. Turned out, beyond the initial premise, the movie is painfully average.

Literally everything - setting, characters, the cast, cinematography, humor, action, plot twists - are not bad per se, but won't be impressive to anyone who's seen their fair share of horror comedies. For me personally, the characters and the cast are the major weakness, they're just flat and boring to watch, even if what they're doing is entertaining. The violence is there, but when the characters don't get you engaged it quickly becomes tiring.

I guess, I was expecting something even more outrageous and got a film geared more towards a less demanding audience. At least the ending was satisfyingly fitting and left a nice aftertaste.

Here's an interesting sidenote though - This film seems to be going viral in Mainland China where pressure to get married (preferably into a rich family, morals be damned) is a very real social issue. So 20-something females are currently taking to social media with posts like "In a rush to get married? Watch "Ready Or Not". Wonder how much of that was intended by the filmmakers.

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