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  • Towers of Silence

    Towers of Silence

    Really loved the juxtaposition between the Zoroastrian funeral rite of Sagdid, in which the dog is sacred and thus its gaze drives away darkness, versus the Muslim belief of dogs driving away angelic creatures and their saliva being sacrilegious, etc. Then how the two were bridged with the killing of the dog, and its corpse subsequently being taken to be fed to the vultures.

    It’s not made obvious what religious path Dehlavi’s character himself follows, having had a Muslim father…

  • Dreams Are Colder Than Death

    Dreams Are Colder Than Death

    “Yes, we [black people] have a tendency to criminality. To sit around with some other people and talk about being free is conspiracy to steal, is a criminal act, is against this law... Think about Miles or ‘Trane. Their improvisational work was not, in the first instance, against the law in some absolute sense. What they were doing was making law. They were constantly engaged in this jurisgenerative process, and at the same time they were also constantly engaged in…