The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games ★★★★

It has been years since the first time I saw The Hunger Games. I was a huge fan of the books and Katniss Everdeen empowered me so much as a preteen, I was a fan of the characters. Now that I'm older, more aware of what's happening around me, I started to appreciate it more than ever. The only reason I rewatched this was because I realized I haven't seen the last two films of the franchise and I sort of already forgot everything that's happened in the first one.

But also, this movie has been recently going around social media in the Philippines today under the current administration with comparisons between our president and President Snow. The similarities are shown through the division of classes, the rebellion, the people sick and tired of the system and of the people seated in power, and the way the rich find some sort of entertainment on the plight of the lower classes. Now that I think of all of these, I can't help but wonder how Suzanne Collins thought of this entire concept. I was just a normal fangirl of the books and the movies, but damn, it's beginning to creep me out that it's what is reflected in our society today. I hope more of my people will see The Hunger Games as what I have interpreted it to be. In this time, I hope people find the courage to become Katniss Everdeens.

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