Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

This movie is just fantastic, it's basically the last 30 minutes of a slasher flick stretched to 90 minutes with the final girl and all. The basic premise is kind of ridiculous, after Samara Weaving gets married her wealthy in-laws make her play a game of hide and seek where if she's found she'll be killed. There's a bit of mystery surrounding their exact intentions but for the most part it's a very simple although pretty unbelievable setup for a slasher. However, as simple as the premise is the film goes absolutely balls to the wall and takes every element to the extreme, serving up an aggressively entertaining blend of black comedy and gruesome gore. The violence is totally unbridled, the stupid rich in-laws are hilariously incompetent, it's very tightly paced and structured, and the plot goes to the absolute extreme. Ready or Not is fully aware of how dumb its story is and completely embraces it. It's a big budget B-movie all the way through, from it's absolutely ridiculous premise to the over the top execution of it's gore. Easily one of the funnest movies of last year.

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