Captain Marvel

Yo Clark Gregg looks SCARYYYYYY in this thing!!!

A lot of good stuff to admire here. Parts that surprised me in how they were directed, visually and performance-wise, showing me the directing pair’s voice a little more than I’d expect from a Marvel movie. I mean it’s very minor, but it’s there. A certain needle drop in act 3 particularly had me swooning

These movies are just edited in such a fascinatingly overdone fashion that takes power away from action and words alike. I get people saying it’s mildly regressive. And yet this thing’s spirit is wholly admirable and worth celebrating, I’d say. I wish it rearranged its own middle section to give more credence and weight to its own coming out in the 3rd act, but it’s nonetheless thrilling when it wants to be. 

IDK I had a good time at the movies and felt inspired. Brie Larson is great. I also enjoyed Sam Jackson even though he was a little all over the place. He looked pretty alright! Weird!!!!!!!!!

And I LIVE..... for Ben Mendelsohn. Not enough of him and Matthew Maher as a duo, that’s Captain Marvel’s true folly.

Also Jude Law’s pretty funny. And I love Annette Benning! And I think the Stan Lee cameo is great and stupid but also if I was Kevin Smith I’d cry too! And I love my mom-

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