Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★

wow! haha ok!

Thought about this a little more. I think the first 40-50 minutes or so are pretty immaculate! It feels like a gorgeous blend of 90s PTA’s firecracker dialogue and charisma (the SOUNDTRACK REALLY RIPS, FOLKS) with 2010s PTA’s lush and painterly mood renderings. Plus you really cannot beat this cast; everyone here is so good and lovely. John Michael Higgins is really on one, though. I have a feeling his character might not play well for everyone lol but it’s verrrry 70s and the punchline is pretty funny.

Then the film reveals how it wants to spend its second act and onward, and it honestly took me a little adjusting, verging into Inherent Vice territory of murkiness despite the fun and weird times being had. There are some silly and completely out of left field setpieces and sequences in this thing, bridged together with a mostly admirable aimlessness. It’s cool! And strange. But mostly cool and funny (people aren’t kidding, PTA’s humor is firing on all cylinders at its best moments), with these sudden bursts of melancholy and love that remind you that PTA is so fucking powerful at a moment’s notice.

Like with all of his movies, I can’t wait to see it again :)

Bradley Cooper rules so fucking hard :)

Joseph Cross make me cry :)

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