The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★

A24 movies are always a hit or miss for me, but this one was a hit! It was exactly what I was expecting. I could see how it could be boring to some, since it is more contemplative and quiet than a typical movie about knights and stories where you might expect lots of swordfighting - in fact there are only a few instances of violence, some only implied. The main idea of this story is learning what it means to be brave but not foolhardy, and to face fear & be self-reliant.

Deeply surreal and contemplative, Green Knight is probably the most unorthodox medieval film I've ever seen. Like in Midsommar, another A24 film, the soundtrack can be classified as its own presence, adding a truly haunting-yet-ineffable vibe. The acting, production design, and cinematography are in a league of their own as well. The cinematography is worth the price of admission alone. Excellent! I usually enjoy a character driven allegory tale that makes you think all the way through and even more when it's over.
Definitely not for everyone; this isn't a traditional hero's journey and the trailers can mislead you into thinking that TGK will have more action-adventure or Hollywood catharsis than it actually does. This is a dream-like, acid-trippy search for honor that will rattle you, confound you, and hopefully wow you. Know what you're getting into. If a ruminative, cerebral film full of lavish cinematography, allegory, mysticism and old-school Arthurian medieval fantasy is your thing you're gonna love it. Devoid of any Hollywood's glitz or gloss. Lord of the Rings it ain't but it's still pretty freaking amazing.
This is a beautiful example of thematic cinema. We need more like this, where the writer knows what every element is leading towards and follows through. The pieces of the story are woven beautifully, and that's why I want to make clear, plot holes don't matter in this kind of film. It's brilliant how well this is structured to fit the theme and the journey, and the acts are tightly done, which I love. I want more of this and less "Subversion of expectations" in movies.

It eschews the hard-charging action and self-consciously modern attitudes that made the King Arthur entries of Antoine Fuqua and Guy Ritchie such generic duds. Instead, it embraces the strange remoteness of myth and Middle Ages lore on its own terms and creates something quietly dazzling and new.
This is, in the end, a spectacle of contradictions: as grandiose as the canon of tales to which it belongs but also oddly intimate in focus, with a modern psychology that clashes productively with its squalid evocation of the far bygone yesteryear.
This was a beautiful example of visual storytelling! I highly recommend. If you love fantasy movies that are paced in a methodical way to show the hero's journey through the themes and structures for that theme, you would love this movie as well. It will really make you think about what you would do in certain character’s positions.


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