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  • Contagion



    Soooooooo accurate in a fictionalized way, like any biopic. The daughter complaining about waiting 144 days before get vaccinated is the mindset that has us where we are today aided by Jude Law's character knowingly spreading lies.

  • Signs



    M. Night is the Andrew Jones of movie directors. Meaning, when you look at the whole of his career (box office, awards, etc.) you think, "Why isn't this guy in the Hall of Fame?", but then you take a deep dive into those individual seasons. You see that his early career was phenomenal, he came out of the gate with a spectacular performance. He was better than most at one specific thing, before a terrible mid career slump led to…

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  • An American Werewolf in London

    An American Werewolf in London


    Much more than groundbreaking special effects, this is a truly good movie to watch and in the upper echelon of its genre. I know it's already basically been remade with it's sequel, but I would love to see a 2020 version of this that married practical effects with CGI... For example, mixing the practical effects in the transformation scene digitally with images of the actor as opposed to cutting back and forth between the actor and the effects. This could…

  • Parasite



    There is no fucking way this movie can live up to the hype right? That was mindset going in and I was absolutely blown away. It's so hard to even describe what this movie is or why it's so fucking good. Simply put, it's just mesmerizing. All I could do was think about this movie and it's characters for the entire time. Just wondering what the hell is coming next. I have to rewatch it to make sure I'm not crazy.